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VLC Streamer iOS8 update

Things always break when there is a new version of iOS8, and this version has more changes than most.

I have been working on a huge rebuild of VLC Streamer which adds a bundle of new features and completely revamps the UI. Amongst other things, this makes it much easier to transfer movies through iTunes, and lets you tag movies to arrange them into groups/folders.

I had hoped to release this as a beta using Apple’s new TestFlight system. This is an excellent new system which promises to allow up to 1000 beta testers to try new apps before they are fully released. I had hoped this would mean that the new version got a thorough test, and I could fix anything I missed before pushing the update to everyone.

Unfortunately, my plans have been halted by the fact that Apple haven’t enabled this functionality yet.

This means that I need to wait for an Apple review before the new version goes live. That’s likely to take 5-10 days.

In the meantime, if you’re interested in signing up to be a beta tester when Apple does release the new system, please join the mailing list here:!forum/hobbyist-software-beta-testing

thanks for your patience!

Do you want to be a beta tester on iOS8?

iOS8 promises a new way for people to beta test apps where you can easily test beta versions of apps.

The TestFlight app which enables this is already available in the US Appstore.

We have been working hard on new versions for iOS8 and plan to release these as betas as soon as Apple allows it.

If you’d like to take part in testing, then please join our new beta-testing google group.

We’ll pull your email address from the group and add you to the testing list.

thank you!

Update: iOS8 is live, but Apple hasn’t started the public beta testing system yet. They are labelling it as ‘coming soon’. Please sign up using the link above and we’ll let you know when it goes live.



Audio and Subtitle tracks

One of our more recent features is the ability to pick the audio or subtitle track you want to use when you watch a movie.

The easiest way to pick the track is to add the movie directly from your iPhone or iPad. If VLC Streamer spots multiple tracks then it will show a red count in the subtitle or audio track tab-bar at the bottom of the quality screen.


just pick the track you want and click ‘Watch!’

There are other ways to pick the tracks you want, including specifying your preferred language and letting VLC deal with things. You can read all about it on our wiki.

Multiple Monitors on Mac…

If you have multiple monitors connected to a mac, then this might interest you.

I just launched my first app in the Mac Appstore. It’s called Multi Monitor Wallpaper.
It lets you take one large image and apply it across your monitors.

You can move and scale the image, and even tweak the exact layout of your monitors.

My app cuts up the image and applies it across your screens.

Let me know what you think!

You can get it at the Mac Appstore

Open links in the background – iBrowse

I just released an update for iBrowse which does two things.

  1. Brings it up to date with iOS5
  2. Brings the feature I have wanted for ages – you can now open links in a background tab

I use this when I’m browsing a news site. I go to, and I can now click and hold on a link, then select ‘open in background tab’. That story starts loading, and I pick a few other stories to load in the background.

Now I switch to coverflow view and swipe to one of the stories (which has probably already loaded by now).

It’s only $1, and there is a free version to try!

iBrowse is available as ever at the App Store.

Off Remote – Now with messages…

When I released Off Remote, I thought people would use it to turn off their media centre computers, and their home-office computer without having to get out of bed or leaving the sofa.

I’m sure it is used for that – but I found from my emails that people also use it to switch off their kids’ computers.

The new release makes Off Remote even better for this. You can now send a short message to the computer before you shut it down

‘It’s past your bedtime – save your work before I turn off your computer!’

You can also disable the ‘countdown’ message that used to appear as the computer was about to shut down. This gives you the upper hand if your kids were used to just clicking the ‘cancel’ button.

Of course – with great power comes great responsibility! Use with care…

Off Remote is available as ever at the App Store.

If you’d like to give Off Remote a try, you can get it right here:



New App : Monitor your kid’s computer use

My new app Watchover just went live.

Watchover lets you monitor what your kids are doing on their computers. It takes a screenshot every minute which you can browse from your iPhone iPad or iTouch.

You can also see what applications have been open, and when the computer has been running.

Just like watching your kids in the park, Watchover lets you keep an eye on them from a distance. So while the children are in their bedrooms, you can connect from your iPhone, iPod or iPad and view what they’ve been doing for the last few days – or see what is on their screens right now.

Watchover is available now in the appstore, and I’d love to hear your feedback.

VLC Streamer updated

Hi Folks,

Apple just approved a fairly major update to VLC Streamer.

Key improvements are:

* You can now copy converted movies to your device easily (so you can watch them on the plane or when you are away from your computer)
* Improved code for keeping the streaming connection (should reduce buffering)
* Supports playing movies in the background over airplay

Get the update, or give it a try at the Appstore…

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Turn your computer off with a timer…

I just released version 3 of Off Remote.
The major new feature is that you can now send timed commands, so you can send a command telling your computer to turn off in 1 hour – or to go to sleep in 45 mins, or to log off, hibernate or restart.

I use it to turn off my media PC after playing video, and to set a timer on my computer when it is playing audio at night.

There are quite a few users who use it to check that their kids really have turned off their computers when they were supposed to!

You can get it at the app store now!

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