Mac users: Fullscreen issue

Update: VLC 2.0.3 has been released for Mac OS now – please update to this if you are getting fullscreen control problems.

Mac users: If you updated to VLC 2.0.2, then you’ll notice that there is a bug with the fullscreen control.

The http interface (which VLC Remote uses) simply isn’t working for fullscreen. I have contacted the VLC Mac developers and they have fixed this (Thank you!). They are planning a mini-release in the next few days, or you can download the nightly version from

I have tested the build dated 2012 07 14

you can download directly with these links (they’re also on the VLC Remote facebook page which is probably easier to get to from your computer)

32bit version:

64bit version:

thanks again to the VLC team for such a swift fix.

NB: these links are to a non-released version of VLC, so the standard use-at-your-own-risk warnings apply!