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Open links in the background – iBrowse

I just released an update for iBrowse which does two things.

  1. Brings it up to date with iOS5
  2. Brings the feature I have wanted for ages – you can now open links in a background tab

I use this when I’m browsing a news site. I go to, and I can now click and hold on a link, then select ‘open in background tab’. That story starts loading, and I pick a few other stories to load in the background.

Now I switch to coverflow view and swipe to one of the stories (which has probably already loaded by now).

It’s only $1, and there is a free version to try!

iBrowse is available as ever at the App Store.

Throw Pages Away…

You can get rid of pages (or bookmarks, or history for that matter) by tapping on the trash icon in the flow-mode view.

More fun is just to throw the page off the top of the screen!

Watch the linked video to see this (and other features) in action…

Tip: Hide the toolbar

Shake your iPod or iPhone to hide the bottom toolbar and get full screen browsing.

To bring it back, just shake again, or tap on the bottom of the screen.

Or, just tap the down arrow to hide the toolbar, and tap at the bottom of the screen to bring it back.

DVD Control coming soon…

Hi Folks,

Palm just approved the last update for VLC remote (0.1.9) which fixed an issue for windows users.

That has let me upload 0.2.0 which adds a whole new set of features.

The new version allows you to control DVD menus, toggle subtitles, languages, change speed and manage audio and subtitle delays.

You’ll have it as soon as Palm approve it!