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iTunes Remote – Genius!

Apple changed the API in the lastest version of iTunes. That broke the ability of iTunes Remote to browse by artist, album or genre.

1.1 fixes that – and also adds new features.

You can now use the Genius button for any playing track to start a new Genius playlist.
You can also browse playlist folders (the Genius automatic mixes are the most obvious of these).

The latest update is now available through the App Catalog.

News Feed fix…

It turns out there is a bad feed in the current default feed list.
Slate is pointing to the wrong address.
The problem is that news feed doesn’t deal with this properly – which stops notifications, and disables the ‘update all feeds’ preference.

The quick fix is to delete the slate newsfeed, or point it to

I have uploaded a new version which deals with bad feeds and just gets on with things. Hopefully Palm will approve it shortly.

News Feed – New free app

Hi Folks,

Palm just published News Feed – my latest app.

Actually, it is only partly my app. Palm wrote most of the code and I just tweaked it for release.

Nonetheless – it is a powerful and fully featured RSS news reader. It lets you download feeds and read them offline. It comes bundled with a selection of feeds, but you can easily add your own.

One user asked me in the Hobbyist forum whether I intend to charge for News Feed in future.

My plan at the moment is to keep it free and just incorporate any major changes that Palm include in the open source.

If there is lots of demand for more features, then I might decide to do more work on the app and start charging.

It’s the first time I have had to pay to publish a free app (palm charges $50 per app) – but I’m hoping that it will act as an advertisement for my other apps.

So please download News Feed, and please read the Hobbyist news feed, and try my other apps!

You can get News Feed here.


Converty aims to let you do conversions with the absolute minimum of taps and keypresses.

Here is what other apps do: 1) select currency to convert from, 2) select currency to convert to 3) enter value 4) press go.

Converty works like this 1) enter the value in the row for the currency of your choice

Converty immediately converts the value to all your preferred currencies.

Rates are updated online whenever you like.

For Units – Converty works much the same – except it does need an extra step for you to choose the kind of measurement.

Try it out here.

Remote for iTunes

I can never quite figure out the best way to name this app. Sometimes I call it Remote, Sometimes iTunes Remote.

Anyway – it’s a remote control for iTunes.

It works with the iTunes helper app that we wrote for PC and Mac software and it gives you full control of iTunes.

You can browse and search playlists, search by album, artist or genre. You can see album art and change the volume, track, etc.

Give it a try here, or you can try the free light version here.