Easier iTunes Connect Sandbox Users with GSuite Routing

Use GSuite Routing to dynamically handle different iTunes Connect test emails.

iTunes connect testing is a pain. One of the pain points is that you have to create a bunch of iTunes Connect accounts when you want to test your purchase flows. Each of those needs a separate email address.

You used to be able to do this with the magic

  • rob+test1@hobbyistsoftware.com
  • rob+test2@hobbyistsoftware.com

And all your emails would be routed through to rob@hobbyistsoftware.com (this works for gmail, and many other email providers)

Sadly Apple disabled this capability some time in 2018 (?) – so now you need a new valid email address for every iTunes Connect sandbox user

GSuite Routing provides a neat way to restore this functionality

  1. Open your GSuite Management Console
  2. Click through to Apps > G Suite > Gmail
  3. Click on ‘Default Routing’
  4. Click ‘Add Setting’ and add something like the following

(note – the regexp is rob_.*@hobbyistsoftware.com)

This redirects all email of the format rob_something@hobbyistsoftware.com to rob@hobbyistsoftware.com