Please update for VLC 2.1 …

We just released an update of VLC Remote that supports VLC 2.1

We are trying a new approach to the windows store; Instead of keeping a free version and a paid version, we are switching to one version – but with a free trial.

There is no requirement to upgrade to the full features, and if you don’t then it will simply behave like the free version after your trial period.

If you already have the paid version:

You’re all set. You don’t need to do anything except update to the latest version.

If you are using the free version:

You don’t need to pay for anything, but you do need to switch to the new version.

You can try the paid features for free, and if you don’t like them enough to pay after the trial, you still don’t have to pay (but you’ll be reduced back to the free version features)

To update, click here:

Buy Now


If you don’t update, the free version will continue working as it does now – but it won’t support VLC 2.1 when that arrives.

Thanks for your support – I hope things will be a bit simpler after the switch.