iOS7 update 2

Sat 21 September

I just submitted an update to apple which partially fixes the issues related to movies which have been copied to the device.

I have requested an expedited review, but I imagine Apple are overwhelmed with iOS7 related updates at the moment, so it may be a while before they can approve the update.

If you are watching ‘normal’ movies streaming from the helper, then there shouldn’t be any problem (if there is, then let me know!)

If you are copying movies to the device to watch away from home, then this effects you.

1) Currently, copied movies are either failing to play, or showing large levels of corruption.

I have found a workaround to this issue, so movies should play properly when this update is approved.

2) When your device has no internet connection at all, then the movie refuses to play ‘Doh! there was a problem playing the movie…’

I have not found a fix for this. There seems to be a straightforward bug in the OS where the player checks for an internet connection before even trying to play the movie. That probably made sense to someone – but it misses cases like VLC Streamer where the movie is being played from a webserver which is actually running on the device.

The webserver works – but the movie player doesn’t even try to contact it.

The only workaround at the moment is to connect to something. It doesn’t matter if that is a hotspot and you don’t even pay to use it – that’s enough for the movie player to try to play the movie.

I will submit this as a bug report to apple, and request help through their technical reporting service, but I don’t expect this to be fixed until they release an OS update to resolve the issue.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience,

Thanks for using my app.