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Copying movies directly to SD card

This is more fiddly than the existing method of copying movies, but it is also quicker – so if you’re in a rush and happy to get technical, this may be the approach for you.

Things you need

  1. The paid version of VLC Streamer
  2. Version 1.34 or later of VLC Streamer
  3. A way to add files to the sd card on your Android

Steps to copy a movie

  1. Add the movie the the VLC Streamer helper. 
  2. Wait until the movie is 100% processed
  3. Open the settings tab in the helper and click on ‘Open working folder’
  4. You’ll find a folder in there for each converted movie
  5. Open the sd card for your Android and you’ll find a folder called ‘VLCStreamer’
  6. Drag the complete folder for the converted movie into VLCStreamer
  7. Wait for it to copy, then launch VLC Streamer.

Remember that normally you don’t need to do any of this. If you’re streaming in your house, then just pick a movie and stream it.

If you want to copy a movie over for when you are away from home, then this may help.

Audio and Subtitle tracks

We just gave VLC Streamer on Android the ability to pick between audio and video tracks.

This option is available when you add a movie directly from your Android. If VLC Streamer spots multiple tracks then it will show a red count in the subtitle or audio track tab-bar at the top of the quality screen.


just pick the track you want and click ‘Watch!’

There are other ways to pick the tracks you want, including specifying your preferred language and letting VLC deal with things. You can read all about it on our wiki.

Honeycomb only from here…

The latest update (1.20.20) limits VLC Streamer to Honeycomb devices and above. Unfortunately, the streaming protocol we’re using isn’t supported on earlier devices, and our workaround attempts haven’t been very successful.

It’s possible that we’ll come back to this at a later date, but for now, we want to get the app solid and released.

For all users on pre-Honeycomb devices – thanks for helping out so far, and apologies that we don’t have a better answer for you.

Why the News?

Thanks for reading this far.

I was looking for a way to communicate with users of my apps – and this seemed to be a good approach. My hope is that it is simple enough to be unintrusive, but also obvious enough for you to read if you are interested.

I’m used to working in a community where there is a lot more direct communication between users and developers – but that is tough to manage through the app store. Hence the ‘in app news’

My intent is to use this channel to let people know about updates, new features and other apps that I’m working on. I’ll be adding tips and requests for beta testers too.

If you have any comments or suggestions, then let me know at

Thanks for using my apps!