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Why we’re not supporting Chromecast

I get asked about Chromecast a handful of times a month.

I have a Chromecast to test on, and I love the concept. I’d love to be able to support it with VLC Streamer.

Unfortunately, Chromecast just doesn’t work very well.

In my testing – it fails to play most streams (streams that play fine on Android, iOS and VLC).

I wrote in the forum a couple of months ago with more details for the technically minded.

I assume that Chromecast will get better over time, and I’ll give it a try again in a few months.

Unfortunately, my expectation of Chromecast is not necessarily one that the Chromecast team share. I expect Chromecast to ‘just work’.

If streams play on iOS and Android, then I don’t expect to have to battle to format them specially for Chromecast. Equally, I expect integration to be simple rather – whereas the Chromecast team expect me to implement a whole complex system of searching and communication.

For the most part – the Chromecast team response has been to refer to state that vlc streamer steams don’t meet the required specification and that any crashes are therefore not Chromecast’s problem.

You can see the lively discussion here. It’s one of the most +1’d posts on the ChromeCasst developer forum.  I think that means I’m not the only frustrated developer.

As a Chromecast owner, I’m not sure what you can do. The fact is that Chromecast is hard to integrate – and doesn’t do a good job with HLS streams. Until the Chromecast developers fix that – VLC Streamer won’t be supporting Chromecast.


Now out of beta (please pay us!)

We have now released a full version of VLC Streamer – thank you to everyone who has helped during the beta testing.

The beta build will expire in a few days, and it will ask you to upgrade. At that point, you can either keep the free version, or get the paid version.

The free version is ad-supported, and it also disables the ability to copy movies to the device for watching later. The full version has no ads, and you can copy movies over.

As a way of thanking our beta users, we’re keeping the price at $1 initially to let you switch over to the full version for a thoroughly reasonable price!

You can get the full version here:

Buy Now

Multiple Monitors on Mac…

If you have multiple monitors connected to a mac, then this might interest you.

I just launched my first app in the Mac Appstore. It’s called Multi Monitor Wallpaper.
It lets you take one large image and apply it across your monitors.

You can move and scale the image, and even tweak the exact layout of your monitors.

My app cuts up the image and applies it across your screens.

Let me know what you think!

You can get it at the Mac Appstore

Looking for beta testers…

If you’d like to test the new VLC Remote, and you can spare time to give regular rebuilds a thorough test and write feedback, then please let me know.

Please email me at rob at hobbyistsoftware dot com – let me know

1) what devices you have,
2) why you’ll be a good tester.

I can only have a very limited number of testers, so don’t be offended if you don’t get in…

Open links in the background – iBrowse

I just released an update for iBrowse which does two things.

  1. Brings it up to date with iOS5
  2. Brings the feature I have wanted for ages – you can now open links in a background tab

I use this when I’m browsing a news site. I go to, and I can now click and hold on a link, then select ‘open in background tab’. That story starts loading, and I pick a few other stories to load in the background.

Now I switch to coverflow view and swipe to one of the stories (which has probably already loaded by now).

It’s only $1, and there is a free version to try!

iBrowse is available as ever at the App Store.

DVD Control coming soon…

Hi Folks,

Palm just approved the last update for VLC remote (0.1.9) which fixed an issue for windows users.

That has let me upload 0.2.0 which adds a whole new set of features.

The new version allows you to control DVD menus, toggle subtitles, languages, change speed and manage audio and subtitle delays.

You’ll have it as soon as Palm approve it!