VLC Remote iOS8 update

Things always break when there is a new version of iOS8, and this version has more changes than most.

I do have an updated version of VLC Remote which makes use of some of the new features, and updates a whole bundle of small things to work with the new screen sizes.

I had hoped to release this as a beta using Apple’s new TestFlight system. This is an excellent new system which promises to allow up to 1000 beta testers to try new apps before they are fully released. I had hoped this would mean that the new version got a thorough test, and I could fix anything I missed before pushing the update to everyone.

Unfortunately, my plans have been halted by the fact that Apple haven’t enabled this functionality yet.

This means that I need to wait for an Apple review before the new version goes live. That’s likely to take 5-10 days.

In the meantime, if you’re interested in signing up to be a beta tester when Apple does release the new system, please join the mailing list here:


thanks for your patience!