Copying movies directly to SD card

This is more fiddly than the existing method of copying movies, but it is also quicker – so if you’re in a rush and happy to get technical, this may be the approach for you.

Things you need

  1. The paid version of VLC Streamer
  2. Version 1.34 or later of VLC Streamer
  3. A way to add files to the sd card on your Android

Steps to copy a movie

  1. Add the movie the the VLC Streamer helper. 
  2. Wait until the movie is 100% processed
  3. Open the settings tab in the helper and click on ‘Open working folder’
  4. You’ll find a folder in there for each converted movie
  5. Open the sd card for your Android and you’ll find a folder called ‘VLCStreamer’
  6. Drag the complete folder for the converted movie into VLCStreamer
  7. Wait for it to copy, then launch VLC Streamer.

Remember that normally you don’t need to do any of this. If you’re streaming in your house, then just pick a movie and stream it.

If you want to copy a movie over for when you are away from home, then this may help.