VLC 2.00 is live…

VLC 2.00 has been approved for release, so the new version should be hitting the front page of Videolan.org very soon.

Update: It’s live now.

Please remember a few things when you upgrade:

1) Make sure you have the latest version of my setup helper. The older versions won’t correctly configure VLC 2.00
2) You will need to run the setup helper again when you upgrade – this is because some of the configuration settings get wiped with each upgrade.

On Windows, you need setup helper version 4.20, on Mac version version 3.30.
Click ‘Check for updates’ in your current setup helper or get ’em here.

If your browser is giving you an old version, then clear the cache or try in a different browser!

Perhaps more exciting is the completely new design that I’m working on for VLC Remote. It will take advantage of some new features available in VLC 2.00

You can get some sneak peaks at the VLC Remote facebook page http://www.facebook.com/VLCRemote