Want to be a beta tester?

I have a few new apps coming up, and improvements for the existing ones.

The next app in line is related to VLC Remote – and I’m looking for beta testers.

If you are keen to try new things and let me know what you think, what works and what could be improved – then you might want to be a beta tester. You’ll have to be willing to use buggy software and let me know in careful detail what steps you took to cause problems.

It isn’t for everybody – but if you’d like to help steer my apps, then it might be for you.

If I could, then I’d let anyone who was interested be a tester – however Apple severely limits the number of testers I can have.

This means I’ll have to be picky. I tend to release lots of test versions in a row – so I’m keen to find people who will be able to test and respond quickly during the occasional flurries of testing.

I’ll also be looking for a variety of i-devices, and operating systems.

If you’d like to help then please send me:

1) what kind of i-devices you have, and what the uuid’s are for them (Google uuid if you don’t know what that is)
2) what operating system(s) you will be testing on
3) why you’ll be a great beta tester!

thank you!