Getting better?

I got a bunch of fairly negative feedback for the first release of Remote (and some positive comments too!)

The criticism was mostly well deserved. Unfortunately I didn’t have an actual device until after the first version was finished – so I failed to spot a bunch of problems where the device quickly ran out of memory.

I hope this version addresses a bunch of people’s suggestions and complaints.

Here are the main changes

1) Updated windows helper which

  • Handles opening and closing of iTunes better so that it doesn’t lose the connection.
  • Is more stable
  • Allows new features
  • (to update the helper, just launch it and click on the ‘check for updates’ button)

2) Ability to browse genres, albums, artists as well as playlists

3) Ability to search by album, artist, genre and track name

4) Much less memory-hungry

5) And a bunch of smaller tweaks…

I hope this works much better for people.

I’m afraid there are probably still bugs to be found –  So I have two requests:

If you do encounter a problem, please email me at

I can’ t see reviews on the app store at the moment, so It’s tough for me to get feedback that way. I particularly want to hear from you if you get any crashes with the helpers or the app. That will let me figure out what is wrong and (hopefully) fix it

If you like the new version – please post a review at the store 😉