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Updates in 0.1.5


1.5 adds a few fairly small changes – and a new way for me to communicate.

You have seen the news page as you are in it! I’m hoping this will make it easier for me to let you know about changes – but also to encourage you to let me know about things you’d like to see.

The other main changes I have made are mostly behind the scenes. Now I (finally!) have an actual device to play with, I have been able to experiment with what happens when the screen turns off, the wifi is unavailable or the card is inactive. I now set VLC to update far less frequently in these kind of situations so that it is less power-hungry.

The related change that you’ll notice is an overlay when the connection is lost to make it clear that you are not getting current data!

Finally – If you like VLC Remote – please leave a review at the store 😉


Why the news?

Thanks for reading this far.

I was looking for a way to communicate with users of my apps – and this seemed to be a good approach. My hope is that it is simple enough to be unintrusive, but also obvious enough for you to read if you are interested.

I’m used to working in a community where there is a lot more direct communication between users and developers – but that is tough to manage through the app store. Hence the ‘in app news’

My intent is to use this channel to let people know about updates, new features and other apps that I’m working on. I’ll be adding tips and requests for beta testers too.

If you have any comments or suggestions, then please come and join the discussion at my PreCentral forum or let me know at

Thanks for using my apps!

Tip: Access external drives

(requires paid version of VLC Remote)

Unfortunately, VLC doesn’t recognise aliases or shortcuts (it just tries to play them), so these won’t help you.

There is a dedicated drive button in the browse page that will take you to your full drive list. If you are using Windows and don’t see your external drive, then you may need to make sure that your external drive is mapped to a drive letter.

You can even set your external drive as your default directory to make browsing faster in future. Just tap on the heart/folder icon when you are in the drive you want and that will become your default folder for when you next launch this remote.